Protocols must be layered.

The need for protocol layering can be derived from first-principles, not merely as an artifact of software engineering (i.e., modular design). Recursion and abstraction can provide a “grand unified theory” of networking, integrating layering, naming, and forwarding into a single model. (RNA, X-Bone/DynaBone/DynaSat, IP tunnels).

Optical computing requires wave mixing, not optical transistors.

Optical transistors are as useful to computing as is an aluminum feather to flight. Only wave-mixing can enable optical computation that can outperform electronic. (OTM)

Latency can be managed, given structure in the information of interaction.

Time, space, and thought aren’t the separate things they appear to be (from Star Trek, TNG).  Beating the speed of light, or at least appearing to do so, is possible using analogies from quantum mechanics. (LowLat, LSAM, latency tutorials).