LSAM – Large Scale Active Middleware

About LSAM

The LSAM Proxy Cache uses multicast push of related web pages, based on automatically-selected interest groups, to load caches at natural network aggregation points. The proxy is designed to reduce server and network load,
and increase client performance.

Project components

LSAM Proxy Cache (LPC) (software release here)

See the LPC in action. (DEPRECATED)
(no userID or password is required for demo mode – just click “OK”)


  • Joe Touch. Project Leader. Coordinating overall proxy architecture, and performing research on channel management and environment analysis. Earlier work focused on Intelligent Bandwidth research.
  • John Heidemann. Researching object performance issues. Earlier work focused on replication and transport performance research.
  • Ted Faber. Researching mobility issues.
  • Anne Hutton. Researching channel management and environment analysis. Earlier work focused on overall system integration and performance.
  • Steve Hotz. Researching request routing and cut-through.
  • Greg Finn. Researching channel management and environment analysis.
  • LSAM Graduate student researchers:
    • Amy Hughes. Graduate student researching dynamic cache systems. Earlier work focused on multicast cache configuration.
    • Lars Eggert. Graduate student researching object scheduling. Earlier work focused on TCP control block sharing.
    • Wei Yue. Graduate student researching multicast channel configuration issues.
    • Stephen Suryaputra. Graduate student researching routing issues.
    • Vikram Visweswaraiah. Graduate student researching replication issues.
    • Anand Oswal. Graduate student researching reliable multicast transport protocols.
  • Affilliated Researchers:
    • Katia Obraczka. Earlier work focused on intelligent bandwidth and transport protocol performance research.
    • Brian Tung. Earlier work focused on security research.