Virtual Networks / Network Architecture

Recursive Network Architecture (RNA)

Exploring the relationship between protocol stacks and network architecture.


An overlay-based network protocol stack for a constellation of satellites.


System that extends X-Bone overlays with dynamic fault and security adaptation.

Agile Tunnel Protocol (ATP)

Developed a system for DDOS protection of public servers using a dynamic tunneling system.


Developed the X-Bone system for classroom and research use.


A patented automatic Internet subnet rental system that overcomes the limitations of network service provided behind NATs, providing true Internet service for conferences and technology demonstrations.

P2P X-Bone

Extends the X-Bone for peer-to-peer networking, which led to the need for application-layer forwarding using DataRouter.


Tool for the automated deployment and management of IP-level overlay networks.


Geographic delivery via dynamic directional routing on an overlay network.