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Kumar, P; Omrani, R; Touch, J; Willner, A E; Saghari, P

Code cycle modulation in optical code division multiple access systems Patent

US 7616618, 2009, (Filed November 2005).

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Suryaputra, S; Touch, J; Bannister, J

The Tetris Switch Technical Report

USC/ISI (ISI-TR-662), 2009.

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Touch, J; Perlman, R

Transparently Interconnecting Lots of Links (TRILL): Problem and Applicability Statement Technical Report

RFC Editor (5556), 2009, ISSN: 2070-1721.

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Suryaputra, S; Touch, J; Bannister, J

The Case of a Precognition Optical Packet Switch Inproceedings

In: High-Speed Networks Workshop, IEEE, 2009.

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Touch, J; Black, D; Wang, Y

Problem and Applicability Statement for Better Than Nothing Security (BTNS) Technical Report

RFC Editor (5387), 2008, ISSN: 2070-1721.

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Adachi, S; Zambre, Y; Pulliam, J; Haines, J; Everett, M; Touch, J; Mehta, V

Network Management Approach For The TSAT Network Inproceedings

In: Milcom, IEEE, 2008.

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Pulliam, J; Zambre, Y; Karmarkar, A; Mehta, V; Touch, J; Haines, J; Everett, M

TSAT Network Architecture Inproceedings

In: Milcom, IEEE, 2008.

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Jacobson, J; Zambre, Y; Pulliam, J; Touch, J; Everett, M; Haines, J; Mehta, V

Network Security Architecture and Mechanisms in the TSAT System Inproceedings

In: Milcom, IEEE, 2008.



Touch, J

Components developed for all-optical Internet router Journal Article

In: SPIE Newsroom, 2008.

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Touch, J; Pingali, V

The RNA Metaprotocol Inproceedings

In: International Conf. on Computer Communication (ICCCN), IEEE, 2008.

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Bannister, J; Touch, J; Kamath, P; Patel, A; McGeehan, J; Willner, A E

A Method to Forward Internet Packets Without Conversion from an Optical to an Electronic Format Patent

US 7369766, 2008, (Filed September 2001).

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Yang, Y E; Touch, J

Protocol Family for Optimal and Deterministic Symmetric Key Assignment Inproceedings

In: lnternational Conf. on Networking, IARIA, 2008.

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Saghari, P; Kamath, P; Arbab, V; Haghi, M; Willner, A E; Bannister, J; Touch, J

Experimental Demonstration of Interference Avoidance Protocol (Transmission Scheduling) for O-CDMA Networks Journal Article

In: Optics Express, 15 (25), pp. 16442-16447, 2007.

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Touch, J

Defending TCP Against Spoofing Attacks Technical Report

RFC Editor (4953), 2007, ISSN: 2070-1721.

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Kamath, P; Touch, J; Bannister, J

State Estimation in Optical CDMA Networks Technical Report

USC/ISI (ISI-TR-644), 2007.

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Azcorra, A; Touch, J; Zhang, Z

Selected Papers on Wireless and Mobility from IEEE INFOCOM Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 6 (6), pp. 577-578, 2007, (Special Issue).

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Bannister, J; Shen, W-M; Touch, J; Hou, F; Pingali, V

Applied Learning Networks Technical Report

USC/ISI (ISI-TR-637), 2007.

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Kobayashi, K; Vicat-Blanc, P; Touch, J

Protocols for Fast, Long-Distance Networks Journal Article

In: Computer Networks, 51 (I7), pp. 1745-1747, 2007, (Special Issue).

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Kumar, P; Omrani, R; Touch, J; Willner, A E; Saghari, P

A Novel Optical CDMA Modulation Scheme: Code Cycle Modulation Inproceedings

In: Globecom, IEEE, 2006.

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Pingali, V; Touch, J

Protecting Public Servers from DDoS Attacks Using Drifting Overlays Inproceedings

In: Workshop on Monitoring, Attack Detection, and Mitigation (MonAM), IEEE/IST, 2006.

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